Hacks for Humanity: Hacking for the Social Good–hosted by Project Humanities at Arizona State University (ASU) is a global, virtual 36-hour entrepreneurial marathon that challenges participants to create technical solutions for the social good.

Unlike many hacking events, Hacks for Humanity encourages participants from a wide skillset—even those who have no “hacking” experience. We invite activists and artists, entrepreneurs and educators, scientists and social workers, along with each and every person in between. When these diverse perspectives come together, innovation is the exciting result. 

2022 Tracks

If we’re lucky, we get the opportunity to age. But simply reaching a certain age doesn’t ensure well-being, dignity, or a better quality of life.

Research and lived experience show that voting, belonging to an organization, and volunteering can positively impact an individual’s physical and mental health for the individual. Yet participation in these activities fluctuates and differs widely among societies across the globe.

Environmental crises don’t discriminate. In fact, everyone will someday feel the effects of climate change, plastic-filled oceans, and polluted air. Yet the rate and severity of these effects are not distributed equally. Like so much else, marginalized communities do and will continue to suffer sooner and more than privileged communities.

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