Hacks for Humanity: Hacking for the Social Good–hosted by Project Humanities at Arizona State University (ASU) is a global, virtual 36-hour entrepreneurial marathon that challenges participants to create technical solutions for the social good.

Unlike many hacking events, Hacks for Humanity encourages participants from a wide skillset—even
those who have no “hacking” experience. We invite activists and artists, entrepreneurs and educators, scientists and social workers, along with each and every person in between. When these diverse perspectives come together,
innovation is the exciting result. 

 8, 9, 10 October 2021 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).  $11,000 worth of cash prizes.

2021 Tracks

Nearly 350,000 health apps are in circulation today. Yet, according to the World Bank and World Health Organization, at least half of the world’s population cannot obtain essential health services. What obstacles keep this issue alive? How can technology be a way to re-imagine existing approaches to healthcare that do not limit equitable access to quality care?

Sports can bring individuals and communities together in a moment of shared humanity. This vastly profitable industry also can cause damage to the environment, exploit the vulnerable, and be politicized to do harm. Athletes, administrators, advertisers and fans all have a role to play. How can technology dismantle the  inequity, injustice and sometimes downright abuse that occurs in sports?

Water is essential for creating and sustaining life on Earth. Whether people realize it or not, water plays a role in many social, political, environmental, and health issues. What solutions can lead to more respect for bodies of water and all the living things that need it to survive?


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