Drive as Local

1st Place: This app will assist automobile drivers who visit and drive in other countries by familiarizing them with the different traffic rules than in a driver’s hometown. Too often drivers who go to other places risks getting traffic tickets, being in or causing accidents, and worse even death when they do not know the traffic rules of other places they are visiting.

Joining Perspectives – Experience Sharing

2nd Place: This app will help non-profits increase their revenue streams while also inspiring first-time donors and investors. The solution will allow donors to find activities they enjoy while also giving to non-profits. Companies and experienced providers who want to pay for an experience can also promoting while also donating.

6 Sigma

3rd Place: Smoking is a public health, interpersonal, and life-threatening problem in society. This product seeks to use the pervasiveness of mobile technology to hack the habit formation cycle and fight addiction through pinpoint targeting of triggers and active intervention.

hacks for humanity 2016 report