hacks for humanity 2018- summary

Unique this year, Project Humanities linked with University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) to host our hackathons synchronously. UTD followed Project Humanities’ model by incorporating the goal of working towards the social good via Humanity 101 principles, along with the same tracks to guide participants’ creations. Both Project Humanities and
UTD livestreamed workshops to share with each other.
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Hacks for Humanity Event Brings Together Technical Know-How
Winners for Hacks for Humanity 2018 UT Dallas


Interview with Dr. Lester on “Sunday Sunrise”



Caring for and nurturing another human might be the most challenging endeavor in life. How can tending for loved ones, at any age, be better for all the involved?


It’s a great big world, and everyone needs and deserves to move around it. How can all individuals have access to equitable mobility?

Social Justice

“Social justice” is the belief that everyone deserves a chance a “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” How can individuals experience a more just world?


My Siren

1st Place(Tied): Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing are at risk of harm from emergency vehicles, especially during the day when flashing lights are not easily visible. This vibrating siren detection phone app alerts deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to nearby emergency vehicles. It operates for both pedestrians and drivers, especially those in urban areas. Of the Humanity 101 principles, this one embodies empathy, kindness, compassion and respect, and enhances the lives of those using the product by providing safety and mobility solutions that do not depend on others around them. No other safety-focused resource like this serves this underserved population.

Noobs: Self-driving Humans

1st Place (Tied): Mobility for the visually impaired is a reality for some 285 million individuals globally. This app goes beyond the existence of service dogs, smart walking canes, and mobile guidance apps. This app improves mobility for the visually impaired by allowing more independence and safety. Our product improves and simplifies these individuals’ daily tasks while allowing them to be more independent and secure. This technology embodies these Humanity 101 principles: compassion, empathy, integrity and respect. It allows these individuals to be better integrated into their environments with greater confidence to perform daily tasks and to be at one with their physical environments.


2nd Place: This app connects individuals who have shared interests and exposes children to more diverse perspectives and experiences, thus creating respect, integrity, empathy, compassion, and self-reflection. A communal parenting app for those families without immediate communal support, this app builds trust and allows others to become more engaged. This instrument allows parents to create a bio that can be found by other parents within a given neighborhood. Parents will update a website with upcoming events or experiences they will be putting together or doing, and other families can choose to join them or have their child join them. Kids will be able to meet and see many other cultures and ideas this way and learn to respect differences.

The Link

3rd Place: Millions of children all over the world are victims of child labor.Over 10 million children drop out of school every year. This app is a crowd funding app for children to attend school, embodying these Humanity 101 principles: compassion, empathy and kindness. This solution is an opportunity to save children who fall through the proverbial crack, because they can’t afford an education. This product further reduces the gap between various NGOs and underserved children who cannot afford education, allowing everyday people to step in and support. This creates a data pipeline to promote children’s education, especially for corporations and government agencies. It’s both a social awareness campaign and a community-building vehicle.

hacks for humanity 2018 Report




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