Hacks for Humanity Transportation Details

Did you know that people who take public transportation to Hacks for Humanity have their raffle entries doubled? That’s double the chance at $1,000 worth of additional prizes ***

Getting to ASU Skysong from any the Tempe campus is easy! The Valley Metro’s bus route 72 takes you straight from Apache & Rural (outside the Taco Bell) to the entrance of the Skysong campus. However, there are plenty of other routes, some from different campuses as starting points and some that are completely free.

Click through the options below to see what routes may work best for you.

Note: We recommend that you start your public transportation route at least 1 hour before the opening session on at 6:00 pm on Friday, October 7 so that you can arrive on time.

Starting Point - ASU Tempe Campus Shuttle Stop


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Starting Point - ASU Downtown Campus
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Starting Point - ASU Polytechnic Campus
Starting Point - ASU West Campus
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*** In order to avail this, every participants are requested to bring their bus passes or receipt of purchase. Those travelling via Orbit Buses, can take a Selfie and share the same