1st Place: Envolve is a community service web-based application that facilitates volunteers’ communications with organizations and among one another by providing them a platform to filter events based on their interest, set volunteering teams, communicate with other volunteers, and reward them for their work through official certificates of service.


2nd Place: Gabby is an interactive support device for seniors who live alone. Through devices such as Alexa, Fitbits, and Google watches, seniors’ movements are tracked to determine when a senior is experiencing crisis and notifies designated contacts when an episode of crisis – such as a fall- occurs.

Recognize We

3rd Place: RecognizeMe! Bridges the gap between community organizers and their volunteers through an online network that posts different projects within an organization and rewards volunteers for participating in these projects through a points-based system

4th Place: From Dunces to Dragon
Dunces and Dragon is an application that connects students struggling in certain topics to students who are willing to help and capable of answering questions. It is a network that builds peer-mentors’ credibility by awarding them points by asking and answering questions. It facilitates the spread of information and professional relationship building across student networks.

5th Place: Raw
Ecofoot tackles climate change by raising awareness of individuals impact on the environment by giving them a space to log their activities and compete against their friends to be the most ecologically conscious. The Ecofoot app also tracks the impacts, both positive and negative, of their activities.

6th Place: Bold and Brash
The Ventilator helps individuals struggling with anger issues by giving them outlets to express their anger, analyze the root causes of their concerns, and reflect on ways to productively manage their anger in the future. More advanced iterations of the app could connect people with similar problems or allow mental healthcare professionals to track their patient’s progress.

7th Place: Helping Hand
Help on Demand connects people experiencing crisis to communities and organizations that have the exact resources that they need.

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Drive as Local

1st Place: This app will assist automobile drivers who visit and drive in other countries by familiarizing them with the different traffic rules than in a driver’s hometown. Too often drivers who go to other places risks getting traffic tickets, being in or causing accidents, and worse even death when they do not know the traffic rules of other places they are visiting.

Joining Perspectives – Experience Sharing

2nd Place: This app will help non-profits increase their revenue streams while also inspiring first-time donors and investors. The solution will allow donors to find activities they enjoy while also giving to non-profits. Companies and experienced providers who want to pay for an experience can also promoting while also donating.

6 Sigma

3rd Place: Smoking is a public health, interpersonal, and life-threatening problem in society. This product seeks to use the pervasiveness of mobile technology to hack the habit formation cycle and fight addiction through pinpoint targeting of triggers and active intervention.



1st Place: Interactive behavioral therapy app that provides an interface between individuals diagnosed with ADHD and their parents. It features puzzles and games that help them to focus their attention when they are experiencing symptoms of the disorder.

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Loop Learn

2nd Place: Loop Learn is composed of two parts. One is an app and website that connects disabled students with other students and resources in their area. The other is providing a platform for adaptive learning using biosensor feedback and facial recognition to connect students with learning disabilities to counselors, teachers, and fellow students.

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Guard Dog

3rd Place: App that detects physical trauma (such as a fall) via sensors in a phone and alerts emergency personnel.


ARK Humanity

1st Place: An engine to augment outreach to prevent self-harm by spotting cues in online communication.

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Acts of Random Kindness

2nd Place: A daily reminder app to bring more kindness to regular life.

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Pocket Buddy

3rd Place: Connecting users to mental health resources.

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